Manicure and Pedicure

Hard work must be rewarded occasionally if not always. It can be as costly as a five-star dinner or as simple treat from a nearby fast food joint. The reward must be something that lets you indulge yourself in, unwind and energize and enjoy to your heart’s content. At Shumaila’s we believe, nothing can be more rewarding than a quick Manicure and Pedicure to relieve bodily stress and fatigue whilst immediately feeling renewed and refreshed.

Limbs are the most important and hard working part of your body hence they deserve to be thanked once in a while and what better way to thank your hands and feet than pampering them?

Whether you are looking for a classic Manicure and Pedicure for a night out, a reflexology session to get your feet back in shape or a nourishing hydrating treatment to soak your hands and feet in, Shumaila’s will be your one stop destination with a warm, welcoming atmosphere and therapists with years of experience on hand.

Manicure – For soft, younger looking hands

Manicure in progress with a hand soak


Give those hard working hands the much needed TLC with a luxurious treat at Shumaila’s Beauty Salon in London. Our trained therapists will put you in a relaxation mode automatically and reshape your nails, buff away all the imperfections, cure the damaged cuticles to promote better nail strength and growth, finish off with a final layer of a pop of colour of your choice whilst the therapeutic movements doze you off to sleep!

Not only will your nails appear in glossy, immaculate condition, the removal of dead skin by exfoliation and pampering damaged cuticles will make your hands feel younger and more healthier than before. Hands are the first point of contact when you meet someone via the formality of a handshake and are easy indicators of age. Make a perfect first impression by cleaner, brighter and well maintained hands, making you appear well organised and taking good care of yourself.


 Pedicure – For brighter, party perfect feet

Step in to Shumaila’s where our trained pedicurists not only remove the dead skin and callus from your feet, repairing chapped heels and chipped nails but also perform reflexology which is an immensely relaxing form of foot massage geared to increase blood flow around the feet area and improve the functioning of certain organs related to the points on the feet. A great stress buster, we believe our pedicure to be a complete well being treatment.

Unwind after a long day at work as your feet are soaked in warm water, scrubbed for new skin to show through and massaged to release stress from certain points. Skin on the feet is usually tattered by constant use and wearing heels, so the removal of callus, dead skin and other build up allows it to breathe. A final touch of nail varnish is what we send you off with, so you can flaunt your brand new feet without any signs of ageing or fatigue.

Pedicure in progress with a feet soak