What is lip enhancing?

Non-surgical Lip Enhancement is a very popular treatment offered by Shumaila’s. It is suitable for anyone who would like fuller lips. The safe, efficient lip-enhancement procedure can replace the volume and definition that ageing has taken away; it can also be used to create balance between the upper and lower lip.

Treatment Summary


Procedure Time

30 min. estimated


Back To Work

24 hours estimated





Full Recovery

48 h estimated


Sensitivity Period

24 hours estimated


Duration Of Results

* 6-9 months


Risks & Complications

Asymmetry, bruises, infections, swelling

What is the result?

Lip borders can be defined and the shape and size of the lips can be enhanced either subtly or dramatically depending on the result the client desires. This treatment is also ideal for reducing lines and creases around the mouth area (including ‘smoker’s lines’). Results last approximately 9 months.


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Frequently asked Questions

If you are looking to rejuvenate and plump your flat, sagging, ageing skin from within, then Dermal Filler such as Juvederm Ultra are the modern day solution to expensive cosmetic surgery. Especially beneficial to treat saggy jowls, sunken cheeks, deep nose to mouth lines, sunken and wrinkly under eye area and deep frown lines on the forehead, the collagen and hyaluronic acid filled injections will plump skin, inflate it to look supple, elastic and bouncy, make skin look fuller and healthy and fill deep gaps on the face. Alongside improving the texture of the skin, this artistic treatment is also deployed to redefine the face of the shape by targeting facial contours and creating a chiselled cheekbone and jaw line. It’s virtually pain free, has no downtime, demonstrates immediate results in just one sitting with results lasting up to nine months.
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