Treatment Price Time
Pro Skin 30 £45 45 min
Brightening Facial £55 1 hour
Pro Skin 60 £55 1 hour
Pro Power Peel 30 £70 30 min
Pro Power Peel 60 £110 1 hour

Types of Dermalogica Facial Treatments we offer

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  • Deep Cleansing Facial

An ideal maintenance facial for normal skin types as a preventative measure. This purifying facial will include a deep double cleanse, exfoliation, blackhead removal if required, a nourishing face masque as well as a relaxing facial massage. You can expect your skin to feel more balanced and controlled after this facial.

  • Customised Facial Treatment

The highly requested customised treatment exclusive to Dermalogica Facials is based on our face mapping system where every inch of the clients face is studied in detail by our therapists during consultation. Depending on the results of face mapping, a bespoke facial will be prescribed to you using Dermalogica’s highly effective products to treat pressing skin concerns be it dehydration, exfoliation, radiance, re-hydration, deep cleansing and so on.

  • Brightening Facial

A clever treatment aimed at targeting skin with hyper pigmentation, blemish marks, sun spots or uneven skin tone.  The products in the facial work hard at exfoliating the top most layer of the skin to reveal fresh, bright skin that looks young and emits radiance.  The brightening facial will also make the skin more resistant to sun damage and control the factors that cause it in the first place. Not only will your previous hyper pigmentation marks and sun spots appear faded but the facial acts as a preventative measure at avoiding such skin concerns in the future if you are prone to being out in the sun often. A number of treatments will be required to see substantial results depending on the intensity of your skin concern.

  • Anti Ageing Facial

Containing powerful multi-vitamin complex, this facial uses the Age Smart range by Dermalogica to treat skin concerns such as saggy skin, dryness, dehydration, wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation. Incorporating products containing AHA’s, this gets rid of skins uppermost layer effectively so anti-ageing products are absorbed into the skin easily. Skin looks radiant, plump and taut for days after the facial. Perfect if you want to delay the signs of ageing and keep skin looking younger and full of life for longer.

  • MediBac Acne treatment

If you are troubled with adult acne, this anti-bacterial facial treats inflammation, dead skin cells and overtly active oil glands that together contribute to causing the problem initially. A single cleanse is not enough for such skin types hence the facial involves a deep, thorough cleanse to get rid of impurities straight from the pores. Suitable for those with blemished skin prone to breakouts, our facial will ensure existing acne and breakout is treated alongside preventing it from occurring. A number of treatments are recommended to see substantial results depending on the intensity of your skin concern..

  • UltraCalming Treatment

If your skin is highly reactive to any skin care products or environmental factors such as stress, pollution, chemicals and so on, it can slot in within the sensitive skin category. Sensitive skin can also be a genetic skin concern which can cause redness, inflammation, itching and aggravated skin. Using botanical ingredients and a relaxed massage technique, the facial aims to soothe and calm your skin whilst providing relieve to immediate concerns. You will be prescribed some products to manage ongoing sensitivity by our therapist based on your skin mapping analysis.

 dermalogica face mapping

What makes a Dermalogica Facial different?

Face Mapping is one of the vital aspects that Dermalogica Facials consist of. Our trained therapists will scrutinise all 14 zones of your facial landscape by sight and touch while questioning you about your health, lifestyle and skin type. This process will identify detailed skin concerns, how your skin has been in the past, how it is now and how we can help you make it the best it can be in the future. The therapist will jot down the skin condition/concern on a printed facial map, use that to select an appropriate facial treatment, suggest suitable Dermalogica products to extend the effects of your facial and hand the face chart over to you for future use.

No two clients we come across have the same skin. Not only that, we cannot expect uniformity in a patients skin type as it is more likely that you suffer from different skin types in different areas of your face. Hence a Customised Treatment is what we highly rely on when it comes to Dermalogica Facials in particular. Depending on your skin time, you are likely to fit into the below categories for your facial treatment or we can help you customise a tailor-made treatment just to fit your unique skin type.

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