Microblading Eyebrows

February 26, 2018

If you think your brows are just too thin and have no hope, think again. Everywhere we look these days we see countless celebs, Instagram influencers and everyday woman with perfectly groomed brows – and we owe it all to microblading. But, how did microblading become such a hot trend overnight even though it’s been around for years? Thank social media for that! So, if you are looking for the perfect eyebrow and are tired of using eyebrow pencil like it’s going out of style, then microblading at Shumaila’s may be for you.

Why the hype?

So why are women going crazy about this trend now when it’s been around for a while, and why is it the ‘must have treatment’ these days? Simple – as we all know, eyebrows frame the face, and therefore this makes microblading great for women who want to fill in their sparse or over-plucked brows. And, it’s hard not to be influenced by celebrities and models who have perfectly natural looking eyebrows. As soon as this sophisticated look hit the media, it became an instant trend with women wanting to achieve the look themselves.

microblading small heading

What is microblading?

Microblading Eyebrows is a semi-permanent solution to beautifully fuller and natural-looking brows. If you have over-tweezed or thin brows and want to improve their overall shape and appearance. Microblading is the easiest way to get a set of sophisticated brows with a soft-looking arch.

On the day of your treatment, the therapist will analyse your facial structure. They will look at your eyebrow hair pattern, and hair and skin tone then take detailed measurements. The process involves using a  non-vibrating tool with a small, thin blade. This will deposits pigment under the skin to achieve the look of individual natural hairs. Unlike old-school methods of cosmetic tattooing involving blocks of ink, microblading does not go as deep.  The tool allows for more control to achieve the realistic appearance of thin, hair-like strokes to create the most amazing set of brows. Microblading Eyebrows is a fantastic way to enhance natural beauty and reduce time spent on your everyday makeup routine. Plus, the process itself only takes 2 hours. With a shorter 30-minute follow-up appointment required four to six weeks after the initial session.

What to Expect?

For the first three to four days, your brows will appear more intense as some of the pigment oxidises at the surface before falling off. After five to eight days, there may be some light shedding of the excess pigment. After which the brows will appear lighter and softer. Some areas may have lost more pigment than others, which is why it’s important to come back four to six weeks later for a touch-up. While results vary due to each person’s skin being unique. The pigment will gradually fade over the course of 6 -18 months, so annual touch-ups are recommended.


Caring for your eyebrows post-treatment is necessary, but straightforward. Healing time will vary but after about a week to ten days, the brows will be healed. During this time, you must keep your brows dry from water and apply a healing balm or antiseptic cream. There may be some areas that retain pigment more than others, and there may often be scabbing, but avoid the desire to pick always. Full aftercare instructions will always be provided to you by your Shumaila’s technician.

Microblading is an artistic skill although it is highly technical. At Shumaila’s, our therapists are reputable, experienced, certified and licensed. So if you are considering microblading to improve the appearance of your brows, why not give us a call to arrange a no-obligation consultation? At our Chigwell Branch: 0208 504 6723. We’ll show you how you can have the beautiful, natural looking eyebrows you have always wanted.